A programmer’s view on technology that hijacks people’s minds

It was a great post about how technology is hijacking people psychologically followed by a TED talk from Ex-Google design ethicist Tristan Harris.

We can directly see it by noticing the people surrounding us. How may social networking addicts have you seen in your friends and family circles? How many people open the facebook in your office washrooms to check the stuff behind notifications?

As software developers, to some extent, we are also a part of this hijacking process. Of course not all, but many of us have been. Only for mobile and web developers: just think about all the apps and websites you have been developing. This post in all about my views about the world we are creating.

The technology we created isn’t helping ourselves to do the right things. For example, If you notice a design pattern like pull to refresh, then we are still just pulling the data from servers in order to refresh the data.


This is ridiculous, especially in the situation when the network connectivity is good and network costs are affordable. Why do we still need to call web services and pull the data? We should have real time data transfer in order to save time for our users. Stuff like WebSockets and platforms like Firebase and PubNub is really taking off and so we can hope the future to be good. Ideally, every data storage, transfer and manipulation should work in real time.

Second thing, we must need to care about design. We really need to focus on how can we create user interfaces that can provide functionality in the smallest possible interactions. Currently, all design patterns are doing the reverse. They either try to hide the data or to show more and more data.

The future depends on how we can help our users to have a meaningful time spent on technology in all possible ways. When the business rules the technology, it’s all complicated.


Hello World!

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